Pes Anserine Bursa Injection

  • Purpose – To treat inflammation of the medial knee.
  • Overview – The injection delivers anesthetic and anti-inflammatory solution directly to the pes anserine bursa, a small fluid-filled sac in the knee. The injection improves pain and inflammation from mechanical stress due to athletic overuse, acute trauma, or degenerative symptoms.  This injection may be done with ultrasound guidance.
  • Before the procedure – The anti-inflammatory solution may increase blood sugars. Consult your primary care doctor or endocrinologist before this procedure if you have a history of elevated blood sugars.
  • Details – The procedure begins with the sterilization of the skin at the injection site. The patient is asked to be in a seated position. Once the accurate location of the injection is determined, the anesthetic and anti-inflammatory solutions are injected directly into the joint space.
  • After the procedure – The patient may experience numbness at the injection site. It may take two to three days before there is relief from the injection.
  • Potential complications – Infection, neurovascular injury, thinning or articular cartilage, or rupture of soft tissue structures, including tendons. Pain can be treated with ice and NSAIDS.