Supraorbital, and Supratrochlear Nerve Block

  • Purpose of Procedure To reduce headache above the eye.
  • Procedure Overview – Irritation of the nerve can lead to headache.  Injection is both diagnostic and for treatment.
  • Procedure Details – In the office you will lie on your back, or sit up in a chair.  The area above the eye will be cleansed.  A small needle is then used to block the nerve.  An anesthetic, and a steroid are usually used.  The injection usually takes less than a minute.
  • Before the Procedure – The physician will examine for the area of tenderness.  There is no need to hold any medications you may be taking.
  • After the Procedure –  The anesthetic will usually have effect for a few hours, and the steroid will have effect starting in a few days.  Occasionally pain is increased for a few days before it gets better.  Icing the area for 20 minutes per hour can reduce post injection tenderness.
  • Procedure Risks – Potential, but unlikely risks  include elevated blood sugars, rash, itching, weight gain, extra energy, soreness at the site of injection, bleeding.